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to desmond on his second birthday

Because I am pregnant with mono/mono twins, I will be admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks for constant monitoring, and deliver via csection no later than 32 weeks (sooner if babies show any signs of distress, as is common with growing mono/mono twins who can accidentally compress each other's umbilical cords). This means that week 32 happens the day before Jacinda's birthday. For this reason, we decided to celebrate her 3rd birthday approximately seven weeks early so that the focus can be on her and I'd be sure not to miss it! Plus, what two year old knows the difference between July 7 and August 29?

She had a very fun day. Jacinda is an incredibly happy, outgoing child and she has fun doing almost anything, but on her birthday this was especially true. She had her "friends" (mainly her siblings' friends, as she considers herself their equal) over and received many gifts and especially liked having everyone sing to her.

Preparing for the party meant I had to…