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the fallacy of infallibility and the power of words

Jumbled thoughts I keep coming back to over and over again.

Recently, our homeschool co-op was making their spring schedule. A couple of years ago I was teaching two Spanish classes there, and enjoyed it, but when Jacinda was born it was too much to handle her and trying to teach, so I stopped. I had wanted to do it again, scheduling the class when some of my older kids would be available to be on Jaby Duty, so I let the coordinators know. They said they thought it would be great, but added that there was a new requirement of teachers. A couple of years ago they started implementing a 'Statement of Faith,' a document outlining the co-op's beliefs on various topics. A signature was required of all families taking part in the co-op, though signing only verified you had read and agreed that these were the principles guiding the co-op's activities, not that you personally agreed with the document in its entirety. Now, they said, they wanted teachers to sign that they actua…