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Three months as a family of 7

After we lost our baby boy, we were clueless as to how to proceed. What was normal supposed to look like? We had made plans to make room in our home and our hearts for this unexpected little guy, and now he wasn't coming after all. Fortunately the only concrete move we'd made was purchasing a new van with more/better seating arrangements; we had met with a contractor about adding onto our home but we had not made a definite decision or started funding that project. Having to live in a constant reminder of a nursery that would never be used would have been salt in the wound.

Around this time, we became aware that a family we knew from church, the Kempes, were going to have to move to Utah because the father had gotten a new job there. They had a foster son, M, for nearly a year, and he would not be able to go with them as foster children must remain in the state where they enter the DCS. It was not yet time for him to be reunited with his biological family. M is the same age (4…