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PTSD after losing a baby

I recently came across an article, by a licensed therapist, equating her experience of delivering her stillborn daughter to PTSD. It really resonated with me, because her experiences and explanations made total sense, and all along I've felt this "grief" is far different than the grief of a loved one.

DSM-5: PTSD Criterion A 
A. The person was exposed to: death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or actual or threatened sexual violence, as follows: 
1. Direct exposure 
2. Witnessing, in person 
3. Indirectly, by learning that a close relative or close friend was exposed to trauma.

If the event involved actual or threatened death, it must have been violent or accidental. 

4. Repeated or extreme indirect exposure to aversive details of the event(s), usually in the course of professional duties (e.g., first responders, collecting body parts; professionals repeatedly exposed to details of child abuse). 

It started with A3, learning that a close relative had died…

I know this much is true

So 80s, right? "Bah-bah-bah-baaaah-baaaah, I know this... much is.... truuuuuue!"

I have been thinking about testimony and Mormonism and space for those who feel on the outside.

After I made a blog post about how losing our baby boy had caused me to feel closer to God, and farther from my religion, and shared that post on Facebook (because if it ain't Facebook Official, it ain't real), I got several private messages from friends and relatives expressing both agreement and gratitude. So many feel the very same way and are afraid to speak up out it - either because they fear disappointing their family, or because of the fear of excommunication or even 'unofficial' shunning from the church family they love dearly.

Some snippets from messages I received (edited for privacy) --

I wanted to say thanks for writing and sharing your blogpost. You expressed very beautifully a lot of things that I felt as a member of the church. Not many people know this yet, but we are …