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A lot has happened lately. So hard to keep on top of blogging it all but between blog, facebook, instagram, and random phone pictures, blogging seems to be the best way to keep it all organized and kept together for posterity's sake.

First of all, Jacinda. She's growing like crazy. I stopped nursing for good just before Christmas - made it about four months which was a month longer than my goal. Breastfeeding was easy but oh so time consuming, and I don't believe any breastfed baby every sleeps well until they start solids! So far she's done great transferring to all formula and is doing fine in every other way, too.
Here she is at about five months old. She finally started to enjoy tummy time once she figured out how to roll over. Now she rolls and rolls until she is stopped by a wall or gets stuck under a sofa! She's very close to crawling. 
She has this bee toy that she LOVES. I think the antenna are the perfect size and shape to chew on and make her gums feel b…