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Now the birth of Jacinda was on this wise...

Jacinda is over three months old and I have not chronicled her birth on the blog. Bad Mommy!

In case you missed our whole vasectomy reversal experience and the fertility treatment it took to get pregnant, you can catch up here. So we started 2015 knowing we'd gotten pregnant, but it was all very new and very uncertain, so we only told a very few, very close people, at first. Then the pukes and exhaustion set in, and we felt more confident telling more people. Once I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and saw a healthy heartbeat, the RE (reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Griffin at Boston IVF) said that the chance of miscarriage was less than 5%, so we opted to tell the kids. We really needed them to be on board with everything because I was falling asleep all the time and gagging from all sorts of odors (garlic, meat, soap, toothpaste, breath, cheese...).

Florida, in May / 6-ish months along

The kids were shocked but soon warmed up to the idea of a new little sibling. Truman wanted a bo…