Early 2015 Recap

It's been a long time since I posted on the blog. Partly that was on purpose - we ran into some trouble with certain people (not naming any names) reading things they should not, so I consciously took a break from it. Then that break became a habit, and here it is eight months later!

So here is a quick recap of the early part of 2015.

We let our kids do a 'friend birthday party' every other year, and on the opposite years, we just do something together as a family (their choosing, within reason). They were happy that 2015 was a friend year, and Truman wanted to do his party at Walther's Golf N Fun, an indoor mini-golf and lazer tag facility. While he had a fun time, I have to say overall, we were horribly disappointed in the experience, and won't do another birthday there. For the price, we've gotten a lot more at other places. Also, for the lazer tag portion of the party, they grouped the 12 small children with 6 very large (not just tall but obese) adults and teenagers. Some of the party guests had never done lazer tag and were very intimidated by this, but we were told we'd have to "buy out the whole session" if we wanted it to ourselves. So, you live and learn, I guess.

At home, Truman requested monkey bread for breakfast. They are cute and tasty, but soon after we sang and he blew out these candles, we learned that putting birthday candles into hot-from-the-oven bread results in some nasty waxy centers! Whoops.

Five days after Truman's birthday, it's time for Lucy's. She wanted to have a bunch of friends over to our house. This is always my least favorite option (I'd much prefer to pay someone $150 to clean up and feed a bunch of kids!), but it's their choice. We bought canvases and paints and everyone got to paint a picture to take home, and they had lots of fun giggling and being crazy together.

It was a mix of friends she's made from church, homeschool co-op, and Girl Scouts.

Turning 12 in the LDS church is pivotal for a kid, albeit much more so for a boy than a girl (grumble grumble). For Lucy, this meant that while her Sunday School class would remain the same, the 3rd hour of church (that's right, third HOUR) she would get to attend a Young Women's class for girls ages 12-18, rather than going to Primary. She was insanely excited about this. It also meant she could start babysitting, after a few requirements by us, and attend youth activities on Wednesday nights. She was really pumped about all of this.

And, this is just random. One day amid the dreadful dark winter, Lucy decided to create a board game. She called it YOU ATE SAND, and it came complete with this awesome box (and Pixy Stix - 'sand' - for the winner). 


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