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More 2015

In March, Penny turned 8! If that sounds familiar, it's because 13 months to the day earlier, Truman did the same thing. Whew!

I got to take her out to breakfast at Chick-fil-A. She has a great love of their tiny chicken biscuits.
Penny decided to invite several friends over for a party at home - we played a lot of games like pin the tail on the donkey, and strung a piƱata up in the garage (some of those quieter kids were shockingly brutal!).
Since she turned 8, it meant she could be baptized. Grandma and Grandpa Harper came out from California for a long weekend to celebrate this with her. We went out for Mexican food one night.

with sister & brother right before the baptism
with mommy (dannnng it was bright and sunny!)

standing on a bench with daddy (check out his snazzy jumpsuit)
And here are a couple of pictures of Penny just being awesome in general. One day I was laying in bed and Penny came in, sat down, then propped her feet up on the door. When I asked her why she was…

Early 2015 Recap

It's been a long time since I posted on the blog. Partly that was on purpose - we ran into some trouble with certain people (not naming any names) reading things they should not, so I consciously took a break from it. Then that break became a habit, and here it is eight months later!

So here is a quick recap of the early part of 2015.

We let our kids do a 'friend birthday party' every other year, and on the opposite years, we just do something together as a family (their choosing, within reason). They were happy that 2015 was a friend year, and Truman wanted to do his party at Walther's Golf N Fun, an indoor mini-golf and lazer tag facility. While he had a fun time, I have to say overall, we were horribly disappointed in the experience, and won't do another birthday there. For the price, we've gotten a lot more at other places. Also, for the lazer tag portion of the party, they grouped the 12 small children with 6 very large (not just tall but obese) adults and…