Summer 2014

We had the best summer ever. It feels weird to say that when it's only early August, but since public schools have started up again, the pools have closed, and so it's essentially coming to an end (sad!).

The kids, my mom, and I all got Holiday World summer fun cards this year for the first time. They cost around $100 each. At-the-gate admission is $44 for an adult so we figured if we went more than three times, they were worth the cost. However, I had a goal to go TEN times. We've been nine times, and tomorrow is the last weekday they are open, and we plan to go one last time! We've always gone once or twice per summer before. David went with us twice, we went with Mimi three or four times, we took our neighbor Joe with us a couple of times, and we went with our friends the Rosens once, too.

We developed a pretty severe soft serve habit by visiting the Rivertown Ice Cream & Grill, which is just a short drive from our house. You can get a 'small' (which is kind of big) for $1 and they have vanilla, chocolate, or a flavor of the week (blue raspberry, cherry, peach, or our fave - orange). 

Several get-togethers with other families kept the kids from driving me too bonkers (and from driving each other too crazy too).

Picnic with Hannah and Leah

Slip n Slide with the Bentleys

A day of lake swimming and playing at Lincoln State Park with the Woods boys

On the 4th of July, we had our 2nd annual party! We had about 25 or 30 people here. It was a little crazy because our house isn't that big, but everyone had fun, I think. We then walked (like a huge gang) down to the riverfront to watch the fireworks. I failed to get any pictures at the actual party, but I did manage a few cute glow-glasses pictures from the riverfront.

The girls did a week of art camp in June, and then Lucy signed up to be an art camp helper for a week in July. I was really proud of her - she didn't know anyone else who was going to be there, and she just took it upon herself to arrange the whole thing with the art studio's owner. She and David rode their bikes there every morning (it's less than a mile from our house) and he rode over to pick her up every evening. It was weird having her gone 45 hours a week, and Truman and Penny did get a little bored while she was away - but they also enjoyed their time together. Sometimes they really seem like twins.
Cardboard car 

Coming home after a hard day at art camp

On days when no one was going to a camp or we weren't at Holiday World, we hit up the Newburgh pool. The nice thing about the Newburgh pool is that there is almost always someone from our ward there, whether we plan on it or not. 

We also got to attend the Mothers At War reception and see my mom give out the Bonnie Parton memorial scholarships. MAW is an organization that provides support for women who have a loved one (usually a child, spouse, or parent) incarcerated, and the scholarship, which is named for my late grandmother, is given to a local middle or high school student who has an incarcerated parent. The money is to help them pay for school supplies, school clothes, etc.

Oh, and Lucy and I went and got pedicures!


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