Truman's Baptism

Truman's baptism was on Sunday, February 16, at 4:00 p.m. We were a little bit nervous because a family in the other ward that shares our building was having a (rescheduled) baptism at 2:30 that day, and we were scared they'd pull the plug on the font after their baptism. The font takes about 2 hours to fill up. We talked to the family and also left notes up and thankfully - they did NOT pull the plug! The water was however freezing (or so I heard).

We set up a table so people could sign a book for Truman and see pictures of him.

Lucy helped with handing out programs.

Such a sweet picture, if he'd kept his eyes open. 

The baptism went great. I gave the talk on baptism and used Legos and a Kit-Kat, so it was a big hit. Grandpa Harper gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was a wonderful day! Truman was so happy. We invited two of his classmates and their families over for dinner afterwards. Kids ran around like crazy, adults got to chat, it was awesome.

The next day, Grandma and Grandpa were supposed to fly back home to California. But when I checked their flight status that afternoon, it said cancelled. All flights to and from Chicago were cancelled because of snow up there! So while David (who thankfully had the day off from work) took the kids to their co-op classes, I took Grandma and Grandpa out to the airport to see if we could get this sorted out. The desk clerk out there said he could reroute them the NEXT day - that was the best he could do! So, they had to got to stay with us one more day. I know they were tired and ready to get back home but we all had a positive attitude about it and it actually turned out nice. We got to have FHE together that night, and the next morning they took us out to IHOP. Apparently everyone else in town was going to IHOP because we couldn't get a big table - so the kids got to sit at one table all by themselves. 


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