Lucy's 11!

The day after Valentine's day was Lucy's 11th birthday. It was kind of smack in the middle of all the exciting stuff going on for Truman, but we still tried to have a special day for her. She wanted french toast sticks and turkey bacon for breakfast, so I obliged (even though turkey bacon is like fried band-aids). Then we gave her our presents - a Katniss Everdeen doll from Catching Fire, and an L necklace. She got other presents from her grandparents.

Minion cake made by one of my mom's coworkers - so cute!

In the middle of the day, we all went over to look at a house for sale. We'd actually looked at this house a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a second look, and the owners of that house were coming to look at ours! It was weird. The sellers of that home are contractors who might be interested in buying our house to free us up to buy theirs (they'd then do some remodeling to ours and resell it). We really loved the house but just didn't feel right about it. We felt stressed and nervous. So even though they made us an offer, and according to the banks we could have figured it all out (it cost far more than we'd ever been planning to spend on a house), we told them we weren't moving forward with it. Just to add a bit MORE stress into our crazy stressful weekend!

So for lunch on her birthday, Lucy wanted to go to a Chinese buffet. My mom came too. It was fun. 

After that, we went to see Frozen at the movies. I know it'd been out for months already but it was the only decent thing playing (we'd already seen The Lego Movie for Truman's birthday). It was actually really good! And that was the end of Lucy's birthday. It's crazy that she is eleven already! Time goes by so fast. She's an amazing kid. Sure, she gets crazy and temperamental sometimes, but more often than that she shows great patience and kindness for siblings, and is interested in so many things. She loves making books and comics and 'zines. She loves Minecraft and doing Minecraft Homeschool classes where she interacts with other kids all over the country in building these insane structures and worlds. She has worked really hard to memorize the Articles of Faith and is finishing up her last year of Faith In God program before moving on to Young Women. 


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