It's Great to be Eight (for Truman!)

Truman turned eight years old on Monday, February 10th.

Last year, each of the kids had a 'big' birthday party with friends, wherever they wanted, etc. This year we said we are doing 'family parties,' but they could choose what or where to eat, what to do, etc - but family only. Part of the reason was so we wouldn't be so frazzled with Truman being baptized after turning eight - we wanted to be able to really focus on that.

So Truman said he just wanted three things on his birthday: monkey bread for breakfast, Domino's pizza for dinner, and to watch a movie and eat in the living room. Done deal! That was pretty easy.

Oh, and he also wanted a cake with his face on it, once he heard such a thing exists.

Lucy made Truman an Articles of Faith book for his birthday. He gave her a hug.

Truman got an Easy Bake oven. Those little clumps in that pan? Cookies. 

Himself - in cake!

Then four days later, it was Valentine's day. I really don't do much for Valentine's day. I saw some caramels at Aldi and got them for David (but actually I love them more so it was kind of a self-serving gift). But the kids made me the sweetest cards, and then David made a card WITH the kids - 

It was so cool. 

Valentine's night, Grandma and Grandpa Harper were flying into Evansville airport from California. Their connecting flight left Chicago okay so we headed to the airport to pick them up, but then a little bit of sleet fell. Apparently, the airport had decided to send the runway crews home early (for the holiday? who knows) so the runway was too icy and they couldn't land! They just circled the airport for awhile and then they were told to land in Nashville! So we didn't want to go too far away from the airport, because once they came back to Evansville it was only going to be about a 20 minute flight. So we went down to Denny's for dinner. Which was nice - and some lady gave us a 20% off coupon on her way out which was even nicer. Then we went back to the airport and still they hadn't left Nashville. Fortunately the EVV airport has a playground and a small play room in it. We hung out another hour or two, then they finally arrived! Only three hours late. We were so glad they made it safely.


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