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Penny's 7th Birthday

Penny turned seven (SEVEN!) on March 10. Since we said no big parties this year, she asked if we could go to Chuck E. Cheese as a family. Of course we said yes! David and I are fierce skeeball competitors!

After pizza and games and tickets and knick-knacks, we came home for cake (she chose carrot cake) and ice cream (she chose mint chocolate chip - what a combination!) and presents!
Those were trick candles. They didn't work very well.
We got her all of the Monsters University characters we could find. Penny loves loves loves stuffed animals. She already had Mike & Sully but wanted more characters. Her grandparents in California sent her Webkinz too, which was great because it combines her love of stuffed animals with another love - computer games.
Penny  had a great birthday! We are so happy to have her in our family. She is both the sweetest and craziest child of the three and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Truman's Baptism

Truman's baptism was on Sunday, February 16, at 4:00 p.m. We were a little bit nervous because a family in the other ward that shares our building was having a (rescheduled) baptism at 2:30 that day, and we were scared they'd pull the plug on the font after their baptism. The font takes about 2 hours to fill up. We talked to the family and also left notes up and thankfully - they did NOT pull the plug! The water was however freezing (or so I heard).

We set up a table so people could sign a book for Truman and see pictures of him.

Lucy helped with handing out programs.
Such a sweet picture, if he'd kept his eyes open. 
The baptism went great. I gave the talk on baptism and used Legos and a Kit-Kat, so it was a big hit. Grandpa Harper gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was a wonderful day! Truman was so happy. We invited two of his classmates and their families over for dinner afterwards. Kids ran around like crazy, adults got to chat, it was awesome.
The next day, Grandma …

Lucy's 11!

The day after Valentine's day was Lucy's 11th birthday. It was kind of smack in the middle of all the exciting stuff going on for Truman, but we still tried to have a special day for her. She wanted french toast sticks and turkey bacon for breakfast, so I obliged (even though turkey bacon is like fried band-aids). Then we gave her our presents - a Katniss Everdeen doll from Catching Fire, and an L necklace. She got other presents from her grandparents.

Minion cake made by one of my mom's coworkers - so cute!
In the middle of the day, we all went over to look at a house for sale. We'd actually looked at this house a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a second look, and the owners of that house were coming to look at ours! It was weird. The sellers of that home are contractors who might be interested in buying our house to free us up to buy theirs (they'd then do some remodeling to ours and resell it). We really loved the house but just didn't feel right abo…

It's Great to be Eight (for Truman!)

Truman turned eight years old on Monday, February 10th.

Last year, each of the kids had a 'big' birthday party with friends, wherever they wanted, etc. This year we said we are doing 'family parties,' but they could choose what or where to eat, what to do, etc - but family only. Part of the reason was so we wouldn't be so frazzled with Truman being baptized after turning eight - we wanted to be able to really focus on that.

So Truman said he just wanted three things on his birthday: monkey bread for breakfast, Domino's pizza for dinner, and to watch a movie and eat in the living room. Done deal! That was pretty easy.

Oh, and he also wanted a cake with his face on it, once he heard such a thing exists.

Lucy made Truman an Articles of Faith book for his birthday. He gave her a hug.
Truman got an Easy Bake oven. Those little clumps in that pan? Cookies. 
Himself - in cake!

Then four days later, it was Valentine's day. I really don't do much for Valentine&#…