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Things that I worry about

I worry a lot. Like, I probably have some kind of anxiety disorder. I've always been a worrier, an anxious type person, but it's changed over time. When I was a kid, I worried about (I think) normal kid things, peer pressure, social connections, that sort of thing. After my grandpa's murder fifteen years ago, I started having panic attacks - was in fact diagnosed with panic disorder - and took medication and attended CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for quite some time, and finally got it under control. Since that time,  I've had perhaps a dozen panic attacks, but they are few and far between. My main issue has evolved to be a sort of all-the-time worrying. I worry about all sorts of things. It varies day to day and hour to hour, but some of the worries are the same all the time. I thought if I made a list of them, they might seem less worrisome (ha) to me.

I worry about:
my children falling down the stairs and being injured/killed
myself falling down the stairs sand…

Thanksgiving in Utah

For the first time, we went to Utah for Thanksgiving. David's brother Jamie and his family live near Salt Lake City, which is about 24 hours' drive from Indiana - still far, but nicer than 36 hours to California. His sisters in San Francisco and Reno drove together to meet us there, and we rented a house with them and their families. Grandma and Grandpa Harper flew up from California, and David's other brother Cary and his family were there as well, because his wife has some family in that area. 
We rented a Chevy Suburban for the trip. Our Sienna is fine for day to day driving, but we worry about taking it on very long trips. The Suburban was gigantic, and got terrible gas mileage (we averaged about 16mpg), but didn't have any more cargo space than our Sienna, and the third row of seats was as cramped or possibly more cramped than the third row in our van. But it was nice to drive a brand new automobile, nonetheless. We split the driving into two days - leaving at 3:0…