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Wonky homeschool days

I don't want to give false impressions. I post pictures of neatly separated workboxes and children dutifully completing math assignments at individual desks. Yes, that is sometimes how homeschool looks at our house. But not all the time! So here's reality.

Yesterday, being a Monday, meant we went to co-op classes. However, one of Lucy's four classes was cancelled by the teacher, after she was told she needed to find someone else to watch her baby and toddler during the class (which to me was a no-brainer - what job lets you bring your baby and toddler? - and she was getting paid to teach this class). So that was a let-down, and now Lucy only has 3 classes. Anyway, I digress. In the morning, my darling children told me I had to stay upstairs for awhile. So I was obedient, and took a shower. When I came downstairs, they had set the table with cereals and juice and dishes. They were very proud of their work! I was impressed. It was a great start to the day.

We leave home abou…