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Spring Mill State Park

Early in  September, we took a short camping trip to Spring Mill State Park, which is about an hour and a half away. We camped there once before, four years ago, and really liked the campground. The sites (even ones with electric/water) are large and there are a LOT of trees in between sites, so you feel you have more privacy than in other places we've camped. We also bought a new tent which is much roomier than our old one!
The weather was uncharacteristically hot and humid, but once the sun went down we were able to sleep comfortably with the rain fly removed. We did have an encounter with a raccoon as we were finishing up our dinner. It came right up to us. David scared it off - a little! - back into the woods, but it kept returning, and the kids were pretty freaked out. It was totally dark by this time. So we packed all our food away in the van and went into the tent for the night. We could hear movement outside and, at one point, what sounded like a heated raccoon skirmish, …