New School Year!

I made the kids do one subject a day since the fourth of July, but we officially started back to 'real' school one week ago. We are continuing the workbox system we started toward the end of last year

These are Lucy's wokboxes. Each box is a clear plastic container with a lid (which occasionally won't go on if what's inside is too big). There are laminated, magnetic cards with numbers on them (also pictures - Lucy chose horses) that go on each box, so they are worked in a certain order. As each box is completed, the child puts the number card into a bucket and stacks up the boxes. That way they can see how much they've done, and how much is left to do.

Inside of one of Lucy's boxes - this is a page from a Language review.
Here is a pretty terrible (what!) picture of Truman's (second shelf) and Penny's (third shelf) workboxes. They had five this day - they usually have between five and nine, while Lucy usually has between seven and ten. 

This is a close up of one of Penny's boxes. I try to include everything they'll need to complete the task, in the box. This is a math box, so I've put her Hundred Chart, worksheet, and linking cubes. We use Saxon, so during this lesson I'll be sitting next to her teaching as we work one side of the worksheet, then she'll do the other side independently. 

David made a giant dry-erase board! It's a sheet of melamine from Lowe's for $10. The marker/eraser shelf at the bottom is a random piece from the roofing supplies area - I think that was about $6. It works really great! 

We also did a new thing this year with workspaces. Last year we had a dining table in our school room, which we all sat around together. We sold that at a yard sale in the summer, and got long narrow tables instead. This provides more private workspace as well as the added bonus of giving us extra tables when we have company (or a yard sale!).

I just love this picture!

And then of course, I forced them all into first-day-of-school photos.

Truman, 2nd grade

Lucy, 5th grade

Penny, 1st grade

I am so grateful I am able to teach my children at home. It is a lot of work, but is far more a blessing than a burden. We have so much fun together, and the benefits are a combination of keeping them unspotted from the things of the world, and allowing them to pursue their interests and talents. David is teaching them a design class once a week and they love that - it's so nice that he works from home and can schedule the time into his day to teach them. They spent an hour last week taking photos outside of things that demonstrate the concept of 'line.' I'm looking forward to seeing them! We're also about to get full-swing into extra activities - co-op classes for 4.5 hours every Monday, cub scouts two Monday nights a month, art class and tumbling every Tuesday, soccer practice every Tuesday night, Daisies two Thursday afternoons a month, Girls Scouts for Lucy one Friday a month, soccer games on Saturdays. 


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