Further Up and Further In (oh, and a gross bug)

School is going really great this semester. I know we always start off with a bang, peter out somewhere near Thanksgiving or Christmas, get our momentum back after New Year's, and go at it again! So I'm enjoying this period where we are all excited to do school every day.

A few months ago I bought this book, Further Up and Further In, used from another homeschooling mom. We decided to read the Narnia books in the order they were written rather than the order they take place. It's a little confusing. So we started off with The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in the summer - we read it at bedtime and then (re)watched the movie. It's the one we were most familiar with already. although we did read The Magician's Nephew as a bedtime book about four years ago. For the last two weeks we've been reading The Magician's Nephew. The Further Up book has activities to go along with every chapter - some more than others - and I have Lucy do the vocabulary assignments that accompany most chapters, too. Words like lilting, ostentatious, that sort of thing. Sometimes the activity is Bible reading that corresponds to the chapter, other times art, or cooking (we made Turkish delight while reading the previous book... ewww). Today it was a nature/art assignment of finding images of various types of flowers that are described in the creation of Narnia. This is a page from Lucy's notebook:

Before we started school this morning, we went outside to pick tomatoes and green beans and water the garden. While we were watering the flowers in the front of our house, I saw this bug scurrying through the mulch. I knew it was a centipede so I grabbed a container and captured it. We brought it in the house and looked up information about them online.

We had one in our house in Bloomington once, which was bad enough, but I remember my friend Sage who lived in the same neighborhood had many of them, and told  me horror stories about how she sprayed one with bug spray and it ejected all its legs from its body and then scurried behind the fridge. Nasty little bugs. Well, it turns out that centipedes, including house centipedes, all have venom, which can cause a terribly painful bite, and which can make small children very sick. I'm usually against killing any bugs or animals if they are outside, but in this case, I did not want to release this thing back into our yard! So we sent David a text that we needed him when he had a free minute! He came in pretty quickly thereafter and took the vile beast out into the driveway and stomped it. Though it did take several stomps to totally kill it. 


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