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Further Up and Further In (oh, and a gross bug)

School is going really great this semester. I know we always start off with a bang, peter out somewhere near Thanksgiving or Christmas, get our momentum back after New Year's, and go at it again! So I'm enjoying this period where we are all excited to do school every day.

A few months ago I bought this book, Further Up and Further In, used from another homeschooling mom. We decided to read the Narnia books in the order they were written rather than the order they take place. It's a little confusing. So we started off with The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in the summer - we read it at bedtime and then (re)watched the movie. It's the one we were most familiar with already. although we did read The Magician's Nephew as a bedtime book about four years ago. For the last two weeks we've been reading The Magician's Nephew. The Further Up book has activities to go along with every chapter - some more than others - and I have Lucy do the vocabulary assignments…

New School Year!

I made the kids do one subject a day since the fourth of July, but we officially started back to 'real' school one week ago. We are continuing the workbox system we started toward the end of last year
These are Lucy's wokboxes. Each box is a clear plastic container with a lid (which occasionally won't go on if what's inside is too big). There are laminated, magnetic cards with numbers on them (also pictures - Lucy chose horses) that go on each box, so they are worked in a certain order. As each box is completed, the child puts the number card into a bucket and stacks up the boxes. That way they can see how much they've done, and how much is left to do.
Inside of one of Lucy's boxes - this is a page from a Language review. ' Here is a pretty terrible (what!) picture of Truman's (second shelf) and Penny's (third shelf) workboxes. They had five this day - they usually have between five and nine, while Lucy usually has between seven and ten. 

This i…

Summer 2013

We had a pretty fantastic summer this year. It feels stupid to say that on August 13, as if summer is over already, because it's still very hot and will be for another four to six weeks. But since public schools have recommenced and lifeguards have been sent back to college (or junior high from the looks of some of them), it's basically over.

We always like to go to Holiday World in the summer. It's such a fun place (and after our horrendous visit to Six Flags - more on that later - we appreciate it all the more!), and only an hour away. This is a picture of Truman and David at the newest area of the water park - a group of water slides called Hyena Falls. He must have gone down those slides with the kids about a hundred times.

We also spent gobs of time at the Newburgh Pool. Some days, the kids and I would go over during the afternoon. It was nice because many families in our ward also bought passes, so almost every time we'd go, there would automatically be friends t…