Girl Scout Day Camp

We took part in the Girl Scout Day Camp for the first time in May. Both of my girls are in GS this year - Penny just started as a Daisy at a troop at Montessori, and Lucy is a Junior (was a Brownie last year) in a homeschool troop.  I volunteered to help with the Daisies, and we signed Truman up to go with the Tag-alongs (siblings) group. For three hot, sticky days, we learned songs and dances and made weird recycled coffee can wind chimes, and on the final day, a fire truck came and sprayed all the children with a fire hose.

I think the girls had fun, but not a ton, and I know Truman didn't have a very good time. I don't know if we'll do it again, but at least we know what it's all about now. 


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