Archaeology Day Camp

During the first week of June, the kids all attended a day camp at Angel Mounds (a Native American historical and cultural center, about two miles from our house on the banks of the Ohio River). It was called 'summer sampler,' and included Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Native American cultures. They all LOVED this - they keep them so busy, they learn a ton of new things, and on the last day, they have a feast of foods from the various cultures. Oh, and they also bring home lots of dirt, sweat, and ticks. TICKS! Ick.

Lucy with 'Doctor Jones.'

The Roman baths.

They chose their favorite culture of the week; Harpers all voted Native American.

Feast day.

I love that something so well done is so near to our house - I worry a lot less knowing I can be there in under three minutes, and my good friend Vanessa lives literally down the street from Angel Mounds. Also, it's not a high traffic area by any means, and it was a pretty small group this time - I think about thirteen kids, and three were mine and another was the daughter of a friend from church. 

They have one more camp this summer - the first week in August they will go to art camp, which is also very near our house. 


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