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Drive-In Movies

We've been going to the drive-in theater in Reo, IN, quite a bit this summer and last.
Back in May we went to see The Croods. It was early in the season, and the temp dipped into the upper 50s after nightfall, and I guess for those reasons, we were one of only two families there! Which was actually wonderful. We picked up some pizzas on the way out there (it's about a 20 minute drive), so we had dinner, and the kids run around and play ball before the show starts. Once it got chilly, we all slipped into sleeping bags and were snug as could be! The movie was cute enough, but it's more about the experience anyway, right?

We have been back a couple more times since then. We saw Epic (blah) and Despicable Me 2 (so cute!). After Epic, we attempted to stay for the double feature (Iron Man 3), but after 30 minutes I was dozing (and Penny had been asleep for an hour!) - and we'd driven both our vehicles, so we had to leave - I was afraid I'd fall asleep driving home!
We lo…

Archaeology Day Camp

During the first week of June, the kids all attended a day camp at Angel Mounds (a Native American historical and cultural center, about two miles from our house on the banks of the Ohio River). It was called 'summer sampler,' and included Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Native American cultures. They all LOVED this - they keep them so busy, they learn a ton of new things, and on the last day, they have a feast of foods from the various cultures. Oh, and they also bring home lots of dirt, sweat, and ticks. TICKS! Ick.

Lucy with 'Doctor Jones.'
The Roman baths.
They chose their favorite culture of the week; Harpers all voted Native American.
Feast day.
I love that something so well done is so near to our house - I worry a lot less knowing I can be there in under three minutes, and my good friend Vanessa lives literally down the street from Angel Mounds. Also, it's not a high traffic area by any means, and it was a pretty small group this time - I think about thirteen ki…

Girl Scout Day Camp

We took part in the Girl Scout Day Camp for the first time in May. Both of my girls are in GS this year - Penny just started as a Daisy at a troop at Montessori, and Lucy is a Junior (was a Brownie last year) in a homeschool troop.  I volunteered to help with the Daisies, and we signed Truman up to go with the Tag-alongs (siblings) group. For three hot, sticky days, we learned songs and dances and made weird recycled coffee can wind chimes, and on the final day, a fire truck came and sprayed all the children with a fire hose.

I think the girls had fun, but not a ton, and I know Truman didn't have a very good time. I don't know if we'll do it again, but at least we know what it's all about now.

End of school year carnival

We decided to have a celebration for the end of the 2012/2013 school year back in May. We thought it'd be fun to have a homeschool carnival. So we got some ideas online, and made some stuff, and invited our next door neighbor over one afternoon. It was really fun! 
Penny made decorations.
Lucy made a berry-toss game. I had some random strawberry fabric left over from some project, so I made some quick bean bags to go with this game.

Penny's game was a ball toss. Instead of real live goldfish we put small plastic bath toy fish into the cups of colored water. 
Truman's game was a pyramid of empty cans, and you threw bean bags at them to knock them down.
Each game had its own prizes, too - colored pens, candy, whatever. I spent about $10 at Dollar Tree for everything we needed (a lot of it we already had here at home).
The finale was donut-on-a-string contest! Our neighbor won by far. He has a more voracious appetite than Harper children.

We had a great time, and it was a gr…