Homeschool Co-Op End of Semester Program

We are part of a homeschool co-op called CHOICE. We meet once a week and kids enroll in classes, which are taught by paid teachers (which is nice vs another co-op we did which was taught by moms - my kids get taught by a mom all the time, it's nice for them to have teaching by experts!). The end-of-semester program took place last week.

Lucy took a class called 'Make It Grow,' which was based on the parable of the talents in the New Testament. Each student was given $20 and was tasked with finding ways to grow that into $100, which would be donated to an animal shelter at the end of the semester. Lucy made and sold hair bows and flowers, did a few dog-sitting jobs, made and sold cake pops, and put up a collection box at the Pet Food Center near our home. She earned $136 total, in addition to an overflowing box of donated food, treats, and so on. Her class (4 students) raised $555, which was presented to a representative of the animal shelter at the program. She was in tears, so thankful to have the money. It was very sweet. Here is Lucy's chart of how much she earned, and how she earned it:

All three kids took a P.E. class together. Here is a picture from the poster their teacher had set up in the reception hall after the program.

Lucy and Truman took a class called Stage Skills. They performed a play about time travel. It was very cute. Here is Truman with one of the props (an X-ray machine).

Penny also took a sewing class. This is the display of items made by her class and one of the other sewing classes. She really enjoys sewing and weaving. We have a hard time keeping up with her crafting and keeping her challenged.


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