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Chicago: land of miracles

It feels like we've done a lot of traveling lately. Probably because we have. Two weeks ago, we got a call from David's parents, letting us know that his Grandma, Betty, had passed away earlier that day. She was 91 so it's of course not a surprise, but she was healthy and busy right up until the day before she died. She was the sweetest person I've ever known!

We had to find a way for all five of us to get out to California for the funeral - no easy feat! We decided to fly because it would be such a quick trip and, after having just driven to the Gulf and back, we were not looking forward to hours and hours in the car again. Finding a flight that would leave somewhat close to here and get us somewhat close to there, AND having five seats on it, AND not costing $4,000+ was tough. We finally found a cheap airline (Allegiant) which has flights from Rockford, Illinois to Las Vegas. It meant a 6 hour drive to Rockford, then a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas to Seal Beach, but e…

Homeschool Co-Op End of Semester Program

We are part of a homeschool co-op called CHOICE. We meet once a week and kids enroll in classes, which are taught by paid teachers (which is nice vs another co-op we did which was taught by moms - my kids get taught by a mom all the time, it's nice for them to have teaching by experts!). The end-of-semester program took place last week.

Lucy took a class called 'Make It Grow,' which was based on the parable of the talents in the New Testament. Each student was given $20 and was tasked with finding ways to grow that into $100, which would be donated to an animal shelter at the end of the semester. Lucy made and sold hair bows and flowers, did a few dog-sitting jobs, made and sold cake pops, and put up a collection box at the Pet Food Center near our home. She earned $136 total, in addition to an overflowing box of donated food, treats, and so on. Her class (4 students) raised $555, which was presented to a representative of the animal shelter at the program. She was in tear…