Lucy's 10th Birthday

Five days after Truman's birthday, Lucy turned ten years old. Yikes! Double digits.

She decided she wanted to have a spa-themed birthday party here at our house. She invited a few girlfriends over on a Friday night. They started off by doing their nails.

(Oh, and she let little sister stay too; brother had to go next door and play for the night.)

The girls also made little bracelets. We bought butterfly and alphabet beads and each girl got to make a bracelet with her name on it. After they finished that, we got out some pizzas and other snacks and they ate a bunch of food. Then we sang happy birthday and cut into the gorgeous cake.


  1. Wow, Heather, she is beautiful! You can see a wonderful woman peeking through. What a delight that must be as a mother. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  2. Your snacks and cake are so cute!


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