Christmas Eve

The super fun part of having divorced parents (insert enormous sarcastic eyeroll here) is that you get to cart your children off to two different households on two different days to celebrate Christmas. The actual fun part (no sarcasm) is you and your spouse and your kids get twice as many presents. Like everything in life, it's a trade-off.

On Christmas Eve afternoon, we went to my dad's house. He and his wife Carolyn put out a big spread of junk food that the kids love - meatballs, ham sandwiches, cookies, candy. Then we opened some presents.

Penny got the absolute biggest sock monkey we've ever seen. She loves him. Or her. She goes back and forth calling it a him, or a her.

Truman got this crazy Spider-man mask that lights up and talks. My dad bought Truman a similar Terminator mask a couple of years ago. I think he's vicariously living out his childhood dreams through Truman's Christmas gifts.

Dorks sitting on the sofa. 

Lucy is getting to the 'not so crazy about having my picture taken' age. Sigh.


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