Christmas Day

We told the children they couldn't get up until 7:00 a.m. on Christmas morning. We even gave them a clock to make sure they did not. Lucy and Penny woke up at 6:00 but, polite and obedient children that they are, they didn't come out until 7:00.

David wanted some IU warm up pants - the red/white candystripe pants that the team wears. Well, two problems: 1 - those suckers cost $60 a pair, and 2 - all websites were backordered til way past Christmas. So I bought six yards of fabric at Hobby Lobby ($4/yard) a couple packages of elastic ($2/package) and made five pairs! It was fun to be all matchy-matchy on Christmas morning.

In the afternoon, we went out to my mom's house, for more food, and more present opening. The family is really getting smaller. It's weird. Only  my sister and her husband and daughter came, plus my  mom's husband because he lives there. Used to be a much bigger crowd, but people die, and people get married (or at least, have children with each other) and then have to choose which "side" of the family they will visit on holidays, and people flake out, and well.... people! 


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