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Last week, Lucy asked if she could sleep with wet curlers. Which means, can I sleep with my wet hair, in curlers? When I was a child, my mom used to roll my hair up in sponge rollers (or rags!) on Saturday nights so I'd be 'pretty' for church in the morning. So of course I obliged. Then Penny wanted to get in on the action too. However, it took longer than she thought, so by the time we were done, it was way, way past bedtime and she was not keen on having her picture taken.

In the morning, Penny was not pleased with the tightness or bigness of her hair. Here she is, cast upon my bed in despair (but oh so cute) -

A dab of argan oil and two hairpins later....

Lucy's hair also came out darling!

In other news...
Lucy is going to start orthodontic treatment soon. It will be phase one (of two) and should last 12 to 18 months. She has a pretty serious underbite (or crossbite, I forget) so that's the reason for 2 phases of treatment. She's kind of nervous and scared, …

'That's for his orthodonture and his university.'

We recently discovered that 'Raising Arizona' is on Netflix streaming. Over the course of two nights (we are too tired at night to watch a whole movie), David and I watched this gem. Hilarity! Such a wonderful movie. One of the best parts is when their friends come to visit, and Frances McDormand (Dot) gives Holly Hunter (Ed) advice on raising a child, telling her she has to start his savings accoung, because "that's for his orthodonture and his university.  You can dip his thumb in iodine and that'll save you some on the orthodonture but it won't take a thing off the university." Topical because, we have recently taken Lucy for an orthodontic evaluation, and apparently... we should have been saving.

The place is pretty much insane. It's obvious why it costs so much. Everything was extremely modern (they offer a "coffee bar" in the waiting area), clean, and upscale. They took xrays and a bunch of photos of her teeth and they talked to us abo…

Christmas Day

We told the children they couldn't get up until 7:00 a.m. on Christmas morning. We even gave them a clock to make sure they did not. Lucy and Penny woke up at 6:00 but, polite and obedient children that they are, they didn't come out until 7:00.

David wanted some IU warm up pants - the red/white candystripe pants that the team wears. Well, two problems: 1 - those suckers cost $60 a pair, and 2 - all websites were backordered til way past Christmas. So I bought six yards of fabric at Hobby Lobby ($4/yard) a couple packages of elastic ($2/package) and made five pairs! It was fun to be all matchy-matchy on Christmas morning.

In the afternoon, we went out to my mom's house, for more food, and more present opening. The family is really getting smaller. It's weird. Only  my sister and her husband and daughter came, plus my  mom's husband because he lives there. Used to be a much bigger crowd, but people die, and people get married (or at least, have children with each ot…

Christmas Eve

The super fun part of having divorced parents (insert enormous sarcastic eyeroll here) is that you get to cart your children off to two different households on two different days to celebrate Christmas. The actual fun part (no sarcasm) is you and your spouse and your kids get twice as many presents. Like everything in life, it's a trade-off.

On Christmas Eve afternoon, we went to my dad's house. He and his wife Carolyn put out a big spread of junk food that the kids love - meatballs, ham sandwiches, cookies, candy. Then we opened some presents.

Penny got the absolute biggest sock monkey we've ever seen. She loves him. Or her. She goes back and forth calling it a him, or a her.

Truman got this crazy Spider-man mask that lights up and talks. My dad bought Truman a similar Terminator mask a couple of years ago. I think he's vicariously living out his childhood dreams through Truman's Christmas gifts.

Dorks sitting on the sofa. 

Lucy is getting to the 'not so crazy…