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Blogging about blogging, that is.

I used to have a blog that was my very own domain. But then I got tired of paying for it when I could have a very similar one for free, and I started using this Blogger blog. David saved my old blog (about 3 years' worth) on a hard drive and it sat around for the past three years. I kept bugging him to have it made into a book for me. I would say things like, "You know there are programs that are really easy (or so I hear) where you just send it and they put it into a book for you." Well finally he gave in to my nagging, but some pre-programmed template is not good enough for Dave Harper, Designer Extraordinaire. He laid out the book page-by-page (yes, all three years' worth). And I got it for Christmas. Joy! It's hardbound and has chapters and everything.

Reading it has been so much fun, seeing pictures of the kids when they were so little (and wondering how on earth did I keep my sanity in that phase of life?! Oh right, I didn&…