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Here We Only Got One Rule

Last summer, my mom took us on the French Lick train - it was a train robbery thing, very cute and fun. We had thought about doing their Polar Express train closer to Christmas time, but by the time I remembered to check on getting tickets, they were all sold out. This year, I remember a teensy bit earlier (late October!) and there was ONE day with tickets still available. It was a Sunday night, and we normally don't do things like that on Sundays, but it was the only day left, and we were doing it as a family, and basically came up with a dozen good reasons to break the Sabbath.

When we first arrived, they had a bunch of white plastic tents set up with activities inside, and photo op places, but it was nighttime and the lighting was weird, so this was the best we could do. There was a place for kids to write on a big dry erase board wall, and then write a letter to Santa if they wanted to (ours did not). Then another tent had the gift shop, and photos for sale, and it was all set…