Christian Kids Explore Biology

That's the title of the book we're using for science this year. I was hesitant to use a Christian science textbook, because, to be honest, I have found a lot of Christian homeschool materials to be seriously lacking in substance, or completely off-the-wall offensive toward women or minorities (or, gasp, non-Christians). But I've been pleasantly surprised by this book! It's perfectly suited to elementary grades, and we do one lesson each week (there are, I think, about 35 units). Usually there is some sort of activity or at the very least, a diagram or coloring sheet, so the kids have something to do with their hands. This week we lucked out with both an activity and a coloring sheet!

We learned about the parts of a flower. This gave me a great excuse to buy myself some lilies at the supermarket! We dissected one of them, handled the anthers and pollen. The kids were hilarious as I cut into it; you would have thought the lily was a beloved family pet that I was butchering before their very eyes. Lucy actually winced every time I removed a petal.

Penny's bee diagram

The horror! The horror!

I am really liking this book. There are others in the series so we will probably check those out in the future. I know the unschoolers like to say "Everything is science! Cooking is science!" That's always their big thing - 'Cooking is science!' Ummm... yeah. But at the same time, not really at all. No one is going to college on a baking soda scholarship. So I'm glad we cover some 'real' science from time to time.


  1. LOL - I want a baking soda scholarship!
    This looks like a great curriculum, btw. Spencer would totally love something like that. Right now we get books from the library while keeping a science journal. I, too, like a structured curriculum. Takes the guilt away. When your kids are older look at Apologia. I am really impressed with their curriculum and its very meaty.

  2. I have heard great things about Apologia! You are always telling me great things.


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