A homeschooling post with good intentions (and predictable reality)

I thought to myself, Heather, it would be so neat to have a post of pictures from homeschooling for an entire week. That way you might look back on your week, or life, and say, look there, Self, you really do accomplish something in your life! (Aside from mopping in a never ending round around the kitchen, or washing and then, days later, re-washing the same laundry over and over again.)

As with most grand ideas I have, the execution is a little lackluster. Here it is Wednesday night (at least, I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday... yeah, it's been that kind of week), and I'm already throwing in the towel. But not just the towel! I'm also throwing in the three days' work I did on this project. So, enjoy.

  Monday is our homeschool co-op day. That means that from 9:00 a.m. until 12:40 p.m., the kids are in various classes, and then we go home for about 90 minutes and come back at 2:45 for Lucy's jazz class. Basically seven hours of my day, plus packing lunches and school stuff in the morning, is consumed by co-op on Mondays.

We get bored waiting for Lucy to come out of her jazz class sometimes.

But this guy had a big machine and was hanging flags, so it was fun to watch. We are on a second-story walking track that goes around the church's gymnasium. Usually Truman and Penny have me time them repeatedly as they run laps around the track.

Lucy plays with her Kindle Fire during T & P's Boomwhackers class.

Clockwise: Lucy in jazz class, balancing something on her head; Truman's jack-o-lanter (and other drawings) from arts & crafts class, Penny leaving her sewing class, Boomwhackers class (taken from an discrete and hard-to-focus distance).


I sort of fell apart with this project on Tuesday. Sunday and Monday exhaust me, and then Tuesday is usually busy, too, and it's just... too much. This Tuesday was the kids' last week of swim lessons, which we are all glad to see ending. I did not remember to take any pictures of them during their lessons, but they did get to use a big inflatable life raft and paddle around the pool in it, which everyone thought was super cool. It was also Lucy's last week of watercolor art class, but starting next week there is another 7-week session of art, this time focused on creating gifts for Christmas, and all three are signed up for that class. 

The only picture that seems to be on my phone from Tuesday is this:
This is a bottle of Gatorade I bought for Truman after his swim lesson. In the background there is a box of markers and some coloring pages that T & P were working on while we waited for Lucy to get out of her art class (I was reading War Brides on my Kindle). He took the picture in order to  put eyeballs and flames and stuff on it in Doodle Buddy.

Disclaimer here: after two hours at the Y (during which I exercised for 60 minutes, go me), we took Lucy to her friend's house for the afternoon. It was her friend's 10th birthday. They had pancakes for lunch and played for several hours. The other two and I went home, where I did some laundry, made lunch, cleaned up lunch, did some cleaning, did a little sewing on said-10-year-old's birthday gift, and then went back and got her. 
Then we came home, cleaned up, made dinner, etc etc etc...


Wednesdays we usually get to stay home most of the day - finally! It's nice to finally be at home to do homeschool. 

The morning started with me checking our library account. Late fees. Oops.

Then I checked the Sonlight Core D Tips PDF for ideas and printed three of these - maps of the thirteen colonies, for the kids to color as I read from The Landmark History of the American People.

Oh wait. Where are my children? Oh there they are. Playing nicely in a bedroom. Seriously, some mornings they play so well together that I almost hate to interrupt it and make them do school!

After our Landmark History reading, we reviewed some poetry and reviewed proper vs common nouns. We then worked on our own proper names.

Everyone did their book work - math, handwriting, etc. Here is Lucy starting on a new chapter in her spelling book.

Truman and Penny listened to a book on CD about a Native American Good Morning Message, after they had both done their individual reading assignments.

All of this took about two hours, so we were ready for a break. They ate a quick snack while watching an episode of The Electric Company, then we went outside to rake leaves and draw with chalk.


Penny noticed a 'butterfly' in the marigolds, but upon closer inspection, we found it was a moth. She was enamored either way.

I made everyone pose for a photo. They didn't complain too much.

We came inside for lunch (with dad! The fun of having a WAHD!), and then I found some semi-stale cereals in the cupboard so we made art with them. Everyone made some sort of fall tree, except Penny, who made a chicken.

Our day wasn't over then (it was about 2 p.m.) but the picture taking was. At 3:00 we went to the library for an event called Explorer's Club; they  meet once a month, and it's for kids K-5 so finally Penny can go too! Today it was about therapy dogs and they had 2 ladies bring in their therapy dogs and they watched a short film and learned about dog safety. It was really good. We got home around 5:00, they got 30 minutes of screen time, then we made dinner and they did their evening chores (vacuuming, swiffering, taking out the recycling, getting the mail, feeding the dog, etc). After dinner we played a game of Uno at the table (David let me win - my hero!), watched an episode of Extreme Couponing, and put the kids to bed. Whew! Now I get to do it all again tomorrow.


  1. I love this post! Its refreshing to see that we're 'normal', :).


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