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A homeschooling post with good intentions (and predictable reality)

I thought to myself, Heather, it would be so neat to have a post of pictures from homeschooling for an entire week. That way you might look back on your week, or life, and say, look there, Self, you really do accomplish something in your life! (Aside from mopping in a never ending round around the kitchen, or washing and then, days later, re-washing the same laundry over and over again.)

As with most grand ideas I have, the execution is a little lackluster. Here it is Wednesday night (at least, I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday... yeah, it's been that kind of week), and I'm already throwing in the towel. But not just the towel! I'm also throwing in the three days' work I did on this project. So, enjoy.

  Monday is our homeschool co-op day. That means that from 9:00 a.m. until 12:40 p.m., the kids are in various classes, and then we go home for about 90 minutes and come back at 2:45 for Lucy's jazz class. Basically seven hours of my day, plus packing lunc…

Christian Kids Explore Biology

That's the title of the book we're using for science this year. I was hesitant to use a Christian science textbook, because, to be honest, I have found a lot of Christian homeschool materials to be seriously lacking in substance, or completely off-the-wall offensive toward women or minorities (or, gasp, non-Christians). But I've been pleasantly surprised by this book! It's perfectly suited to elementary grades, and we do one lesson each week (there are, I think, about 35 units). Usually there is some sort of activity or at the very least, a diagram or coloring sheet, so the kids have something to do with their hands. This week we lucked out with both an activity and a coloring sheet!

We learned about the parts of a flower. This gave me a great excuse to buy myself some lilies at the supermarket! We dissected one of them, handled the anthers and pollen. The kids were hilarious as I cut into it; you would have thought the lily was a beloved family pet that I was butcheri…

Back to school

We started our school year at the beginning of August, so now we are nine weeks in already. It gave us a good solid four weeks before all our crazy extra-curriculars kicked in, and that was nice. Because now, we are lucky to get 3 days of actual 'school at home' accomplished each week! Not that the other things we do aren't learning activities, but we're just go-go-going so much of the time. I always kick myself for overscheduling in the fall and we always have fewer activities going on in the spring. (WHEN WILL I LEARN!?)

This year we are doing Sonlight again. I know there are things about it I really like and things about it I do not like, but the likes outweight the not-likes. My favorite thing is that I can adjust it to be used with all three kids at the same time. Obviously Lucy gets the most out of it as it's designed to be a 4th grade (approx) curriculum, but the younger two enjoy it as well. We are doing a new math program this year too - Singapore Math, wh…

Mammoth Cave Camping Trip

For my birthday back in September (oh the joy of having a 9/11 birthday), we took a little family camping trip to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. I've lived in southern Indiana my entire life and never been there! It's only about two hours away. It's actually a geographical oddity - two hours from everyplace. This was our first time tent camping for TWO nights in a row. Yes I know that sounds terribly lame to some of you who primitive camp for days or weeks on end, but we are camping lightweights. We've done one overnight several times, but never two in a row. So, the first night there was very nice. There was only one other campsite being occupied so it was very quiet. We made a fire, had dinner, had s'mores, and went to bed. We opened up the top of the tent to look at the stars and I got to see my first shooting star ever! David doesn't believe me that I'd never seen one before, but I think he is forgetting that I grew up in a densely populated ghetto and never w…