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We've done some shuffling around here lately. David started working from home in early June, and we quickly realized that his office cove in the laundry room was not going to work out long-term. He had a door to separate him from the rest of us, but noise travels easily when there are 3 children making it, and he found that he could clearly hear toilets flushing and showers running - things we didn't consider at first. So we decided to have a yard barn built, and then finished with drywall, electricity, carpet, and ac/heat. That took awhile - first to save the money for it, then to have it built, and all the extras done. It's now 90% done and he works out there in the backyard. It works out pretty well. His commute is now about 10 feet farther than before, so he still gets home in time for dinner every night!

View from the kitchen before the guy (one guy!) got started
Truman and Penelope were enthralled!

The floor

Mostly done. I didn't take an after yet... It has a regular door like a house would have, not a barn door, two windows, and a window a/c on the back. It's about 80 square feet. 

So all this got us thinking about other possibilities for our house! Oh, that, and the fact that Lucy gets up about twenty times every night before finally falling asleep. So we decided to turn our master bedroom (our room and the kids' two rooms are all upstairs together) into a homeschool room, and move our bedroom into our office, which is downstairs just off the kitchen. It's a much smaller room, but realistically we don't use our bedroom much at all during the day so it seemed silly to have such a big room! So first I had to clean and sort everything that was in the office, relocate the dog to the living room, then move the office stuff out to the garage. Then we moved our bedroom furniture down to the office and the office furniture up to the bedroom, which is now our homeschool room. It's actually really nice to have one dedicated room for homeschool, rather than our dining room table and a bunch of shelves all over the house.

He found the ruler tonight, even though school doesn't start tomorrow, and couldn't help himself.

Several years ago, my visiting teachers gave me this as a gift. I loved it but didn't have a really great place for it - until now! Talk about topical.

Bunch of stuff. School books, play-doh, craft stuff, paint, paper, notebooks, workbooks, printer paper, file folder games....

I was given this easel a few months ago by another mom in our ward. It's Penny's happy place. We got that red/blue/yellow thing at Goodwill last week for $3 - perfect for holding all the crafting odds and ends.

A computer desk! And more shelves, with more books.

3M hooks for the backpacks. I make them keep their individual work (math, handwriting, etc) in backpacks. Keeps things neater.

I am really excited!


  1. Looks great. How nice to have your hubby so close and a dedicated place for the many things that come with hs.

  2. Woo hoo! We are starting next week and I am getting so excited, too. I love that you have your own space for schooling. We use our kitchen but I think we've done a good job of organizing the space so that school can easily be put away and does not overtake the area. Love your room!


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