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Farmer's market

I don't know why it took me so long to figure out I can do this! We live 1 mile from where the downtown Newburgh farmer's market is held each Saturday. And we live right on a bike/pedestrian trail. So yesterday I got up early (for a Saturday) and hoofed it down there. It was such a nice walk! And I got some gorgeous zucchini, peppers, and plums to show for it.

School Room

We've done some shuffling around here lately. David started working from home in early June, and we quickly realized that his office cove in the laundry room was not going to work out long-term. He had a door to separate him from the rest of us, but noise travels easily when there are 3 children making it, and he found that he could clearly hear toilets flushing and showers running - things we didn't consider at first. So we decided to have a yard barn built, and then finished with drywall, electricity, carpet, and ac/heat. That took awhile - first to save the money for it, then to have it built, and all the extras done. It's now 90% done and he works out there in the backyard. It works out pretty well. His commute is now about 10 feet farther than before, so he still gets home in time for dinner every night!

View from the kitchen before the guy (one guy!) got started Truman and Penelope were enthralled!

The floor
Mostly done. I didn't take an after yet... It has a reg…