We spent a day at LEGO Land in California. I must say, we were pretty disappointed. We've been to Disneyland twice in recent years, and I went to Disney World as a child (and am pretty sure World trumps Land), and of course we go to Holiday World every summer, so LEGO Land had a lot of competition. And it did not measure up. There was hardly anything to do. Lots to look at - gobs and gobs of LEGO structures and miniature versions of people and landmarks, but that gets old really fast unless you are an Enormous Geek. Which I am not. I think if the cost had been lower to match the lesser amount of fun, it wouldn't have been so bad, but it costs just as much or more than places that are more fun.

Disneyland One-Day Ticket (adult/child): $87/$81 (or, $417)
Legoland One-Day Ticket (adult/child): $75/$65 (or, $345)
Holiday World One-Day Ticket (adult/child): $40.95/$32.95 (or, $180.75)

In any case we're glad we tried it out because now we know.

That's not me. That's a LEGO mom.

Cory Feldman?

Tiny Washington, DC, one week after being at the life-size one

This ride (and many others) was closed. There are a lot of weird LEGO things like this.

Penny was actually really good at driving. Oh, but they want you to pay like $7 extra to get your "driver's license." Um... after our $60 tiny lunch...I don't think so.


  1. Cory Feldman. Ha! What a pain that LEGO Land was such a bummer.


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