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Going West

We did lots of laundry and then packed again, and left early in the morning on Mother's Day headed west. Our first day we drove eight hours to Topeka, Kansas. Nothing very exciting about that, but we did stay in the absolute best hotel of our entire trip. Seriously, the Hampton Inn in Topeka Kansas is awesome! They gave us cookies. They gave us a roll away bed for free! They had a pool. They had an enormous breakfast. They had soft beds. They even had whimsical black and white photographs by each room, and larger ones in the elevators. Okay, enough of my tripadvisor self...

Topeka, KS
The next day, more driving. This time, we drove to Denver, Colorado. We thought we found our hotel rather easily, but that TomTom was giving us bad directions (he's sometimes an idiot). We saw La Quinta and drove to it. Unloaded and went inside. "Oh, you're looking for the other one," they informed us. Apparently the geniuses at La Quinta built two locations 1/3 mile apart from each…

Washington, DC

We only had about five hours to spend in Washington, DC, so we each chose something we really wanted to see, and mapped those things out in order. My choice was first, Arlington National Cemetery, which is actually on the Virginia side of the river. Traffic was a little terrible getting there, but once we got in, it was easy to park and find our way around. The cemetery is enormous and a person could easily spend an entire day seeing it all. However, we allowed ourselves only 1.5 - 2 hours so I had a list of what I most wanted to see.

John F. Kennedy's grave, and the eternal flame. David and I recently read 11/22/63, a historical fiction about preventing the assassination of JFK, so it was interesting to see his grave. His wife, and a daughter and a son that died in infancy, are also buried here. 
Penny at Robert Kennedy's grave, down the hill from JFK's. Ted Kennedy's grave is  nearby as well.
We watched the soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknowns for awhile, but it was …

Charlottesville, Virginia

While we were planning a driving trip to California for several months, we were faced with an opportunity to take another driving trip to the Washington, DC area the week before embarking on the California trip. David received an offer from a company in Charlottesville, Virginia, to come out for interviews. They agreed that rather than pay for him to fly out, they would pay for us to rent a vehicle and drive out as a family. They also put us up in a swank hotel for a couple of nights.

We had to leave extremely early in the morning, as we planned to make the 10.5 hour drive in a single day (yes, we are nuts). We rented a Jeep Compass (small SUV), loaded it up, crammed in the car seats, and away we went!

Things went along swimmingly until about five hours into the trip. We were somewhere in eastern Kentucky. The Jeep has a dashboard display of the tires' pressure. Handy. Suddenly there was a weird ding, and then we noticed the rear driver side tire pressure number falling steadily..…


Truman and Penny still enjoy a "fun cart" from time to time. I know the days of them wanting (and being small enough) to ride in one are numbered.

Oh, and this was just after everyone had a big haircut.

This other picture was an addendum Lucy placed on a list I was making, of all the things I needed to complete on one of the days before our Big Trip. She added something about peace on earth and "have fun" at the end. Great advice! I was losing sight of the fun of life in all the to-do's of life.

Saturday fun at the Home Depot

On the first Saturday of May, the Activity Day girls from church had an activity at the Home Depot. They built small wooden boxes (hammering nails and everything), then painted them, then dried them in front of an enormous industrial fan, then filled them with potting soil and annuals. The finished products were really cute and the kids had a fun time. They want to make this a regular activity for our family. They gave their finished boxes to my mom for Mother's Day.

That's Truman with our friend, Karin Smith. She's one of the Activity Days leaders, but since most of the girls had a parent helping them, she was kind enough to help Truman with his box. She's great!

Lucy, trying to decide on a paint color
What a big fan!