A girl, a pair of scissors, and a roll of tape

Entryway to our house. That's a monkey on the left, followed by a tree and a dog sniffing a mushroom (with what I believe to be a smaller animal sniffing his behind), Dumbledore, and a lady who has flap lipstick (can change the color by lowering or raising the flap).

Close up of the mushroom sniffing dog.

Wall above our living room sofa. 

Also in the living room.

She snuck this one into the kitchen.

I mistakenly thought this dining room one was for Easter; I was corrected. Those are ponytails. Check out the guy's eyes - he's really impressed by her big ponytails!

Also in the dining room. I like the use of a contrasting color for the face and shoes.

She grabs piles of construction paper and just goes to town on these little projects. How I love that Penny.


  1. Penny is quite the artist. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has art projects taped on their walls. Quinn and RIley both have walls in their rooms taht are covered with their artwork.


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