Hebrew slaves build a flower bed

Our mailbox was really ugly. I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but I didn't. It had these two big plastic newspaper delivery boxes - one on either side - both faded shades of red and orange. We don't even subscribe to any newspapers. It has the misfortune of being right beside a utility pole - not a lot we can do about that - but I wanted to make the mailbox itself a little easier on the eyes.

I was able to get one newspaper box off by myself (triumph! I used TOOLS!). David had to do the other one. Then we painted the post black to match the mailbox. Okay... now what?

We have a brick path in our backyard. We do not like it. In the morning when the ground is damp, the bricks get very slippery. More than one of us have slipped and fallen. They are also all sloped and uneven. So my plan was to pull up some bricks, move them around the house and to the mailbox in the front, build a little flower bed around the mailbox.

My kids were cranky and whining so I told them they had to help  me. Of course, that did not go over well. Then I had a mother ah-ha moment (so rare for me). "Hey you guys could be the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. I order you to build a pyramid!" They got totally on board. Who knew they wanted to be enslaved?

They dug up bricks (with strict instructions from me - the Queen - to not disturb any baby snails and to relocate all displaced worms into the garden), loaded them into the wagon, and took them around front. They then assembled this three-level flower bed.

I started to feel a little guilty by this point, ordering them around as slaves, so I let them go inside and made meatball pocket sandwiches for them. Then I finished filling it in with soil, violas, purple verbena, and a spot of basil to fill out the back corner (which I fully expect will be eaten by rabbits). 


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