happy happy birthday, penny dear!

Today Penny turned five years old. She asked for a zoo animal themed birthday party with all of her closest friends in attendance. I'm not opposed to home birthday parties, but man they are a LOT of work for mama, in comparison to a Chuck E Cheese or similar pay-and-leave-the-mess behind party! But, she got what she wants!

I made some animal themed cupcakes. Here are the monkey and the zebra.

On the night before her birthday, her Mimi got us all tickets to see Disney on Ice. Before the show, we went out to eat at Penny's favorite Chinese restaurant. 

Then we went downtown for the show. We lucked out by getting some primo parking spaces, thanks to Mimi's job at the front desk of the Civic Center, which is right across the street from the Ford Center, where the show was being held. The night guard let us park in the back by the off-duty cop cars, come in through the loading dock and out through the front door. So all we had to do was cross the street! It was very nice to get such special treatment, when most people had to walk blocks and blocks to their vehicles.

The show itself was pretty great - everything Disney does is all the way. We all had a good time watching the various characters. David and I thought the Nemo, Marlin, and Dory costumes were a bit inappropriate (bulging eye-breasts) but otherwise it was super!

(Truman, Penny, Mimi, Lucy)


Then today was her 'real' birthday. She got up and got to open birthday cards from Grandma & Grandpa in California and Papa Richard & Carolyn. 

Then we got read for the party - 10 friends came over! - our house was a madhouse for awhile. None of their parents opted to stay, which was fine, but David and I were pretty wiped out by the end of it! The kids were all really good, though. And Penny had a blast playing with everyone and opening so many presents. 


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