I've been having a terrible case of the blahs, the recurrent-negative-self-talk, the mopies, the whatevers.
This isn't a cure, but it's definitely a treatment: baby gifts. I found these on of all places, Pinterest (or as my friend Celeste insists on calling it, pee-interest).

These little darlings are made by rolling up a size 1 baby diaper, wrapping a baby washcloth around it swaddle-style, and popping one baby sock onto the top. Then I used tacky glue (so it'll come off easily) to put on two little dot eyes. Underneath the row of bebes I put the rest of the pack of diapers and the remaining socks and wash cloths. The boy ones are for my stepsister who is having her second child and first boy in about a month. The girl ones are for my friend who is having her 4th child and 3rd girl soon.


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