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Hebrew slaves build a flower bed

Our mailbox was really ugly. I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but I didn't. It had these two big plastic newspaper delivery boxes - one on either side - both faded shades of red and orange. We don't even subscribe to any newspapers. It has the misfortune of being right beside a utility pole - not a lot we can do about that - but I wanted to make the mailbox itself a little easier on the eyes.

I was able to get one newspaper box off by myself (triumph! I used TOOLS!). David had to do the other one. Then we painted the post black to match the mailbox. Okay... now what?

We have a brick path in our backyard. We do not like it. In the morning when the ground is damp, the bricks get very slippery. More than one of us have slipped and fallen. They are also all sloped and uneven. So my plan was to pull up some bricks, move them around the house and to the mailbox in the front, build a little flower bed around the mailbox.

My kids were cranky and whining so I told them …

the woes of selecting a birthday card

Last week was my friend's Margaret's birthday. I stopped in CVS to get her some flowers and a birthday card. I was a little, uh... taken aback by their offerings. Now, bear in mind, all of these cards are from one general area - I didn't go up and down the whole aisle - but represent most of the birthday cards for women they had available.

How about an angry, foul-mouthed baby for your birthday?

Or maybe the birthday girl is a lush... or a lush.

...more of the same...

Oh and what's a birthday without a little bit of blasphemy?

Time Traveler

It's been awhile since my last homeschooling post so I will try to redeem myself.
We've been reading Usborne's Time Traveler for a few months now. It's a fun book. The illustrations are good and show people in their everyday environments. We've learned new things about each culture we've studied (like that Viking men were actually very clean and the women in European countries they raided were attracted to them because they smelled so much better than the locals). So we decided to make a time line and do some map work too.

It was so helpful (even to me) to see it all laid out that way, to see how close the chapter we read on Romans was to the life of Christ, or to see how very long ago the Egyptians we read about lived.
Found this nugget on Facebook. Can't wait for tonight! I don't have high hopes that the Hoosiers will beat them again, but hey... you never know.


I've been having a terrible case of the blahs, the recurrent-negative-self-talk, the mopies, the whatevers.
This isn't a cure, but it's definitely a treatment: baby gifts. I found these on of all places, Pinterest (or as my friend Celeste insists on calling it, pee-interest).

These little darlings are made by rolling up a size 1 baby diaper, wrapping a baby washcloth around it swaddle-style, and popping one baby sock onto the top. Then I used tacky glue (so it'll come off easily) to put on two little dot eyes. Underneath the row of bebes I put the rest of the pack of diapers and the remaining socks and wash cloths. The boy ones are for my stepsister who is having her second child and first boy in about a month. The girl ones are for my friend who is having her 4th child and 3rd girl soon.

happy happy birthday, penny dear!

Today Penny turned five years old. She asked for a zoo animal themed birthday party with all of her closest friends in attendance. I'm not opposed to home birthday parties, but man they are a LOT of work for mama, in comparison to a Chuck E Cheese or similar pay-and-leave-the-mess behind party! But, she got what she wants!

I made some animal themed cupcakes. Here are the monkey and the zebra.

On the night before her birthday, her Mimi got us all tickets to see Disney on Ice. Before the show, we went out to eat at Penny's favorite Chinese restaurant. 
Then we went downtown for the show. We lucked out by getting some primo parking spaces, thanks to Mimi's job at the front desk of the Civic Center, which is right across the street from the Ford Center, where the show was being held. The night guard let us park in the back by the off-duty cop cars, come in through the loading dock and out through the front door. So all we had to do was cross the street! It was very nice to get s…