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Lucy turns 9

Lucy turned nine (nine!) on February 15. She asked for a rainbow cake after seeing pictures online of one done by a friend of ours for her daughter's birthday. This was my first time attempting such a thing. It turned out well, but had a sickening amount of food coloring.

She also wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday. We actually had to do this the day after, because there was no way I could deal with Truman and Penny loose in a jewelry store and be with Lucy getting her ears pierced at the same time, so we went the next afternoon when David could come with us. Here she is getting ready to have it done at a store in the mall.

And afterwards too. She had gotten some money for her birthday so we went shopping and she got this pink hat and L necklace. She's such a tween! Her ear piercing went okay. The lady botched the first one though. I was very nervous, and then I could tell it hadn't gone all the way through and the lady doing it turned and looked at me with this…

Truman turns six

Truman turned six last Friday. Six!?!? It doesn't seem possible.

He had, as my friend Sage would say, a pretty fantastic birthday. The day before his birthday, the theme at preschool was letter P so they were having a pajama party. He and Penny asked if they could wear their pajamas all day so of course I said yes. (Yes Truman is a kindergartener who goes to 'preschool' - he has fun, it gives me a break, so leave me alone about it.)

He got $20 from his grandpa. 
About to go into preschool
Later in the afternoon of birthday-eve, looking to spend his $20 on toys at Target (he got a small Lego set and a Darth Vader toy).
On his actual birthday, we had a Lego Star Wars cake. David designed this - Truman is part of the action, if you look closely.
Mimi came over and he opened all his many presents. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch (yes, cake for breakfast, pizza for lunch... we were on a roll). He played lots of games and then we came home for a little while. In the evening,…