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A week before Thanksgiving, I was asked to meet with our bishop in his office. A little explanation for my non-LDS friends: in our church, 'callings' or jobs that you do within the church organization, are extended to you by the bishop, which is our local-level leader. Bishops and other leaders are not paid; they have normal jobs on top of their church duties. Every job in the church is a calling, some big and time consuming, some small and less so. I  knew it was about a calling, and I was excited. I had been serving as the secretary for the Young Women organization for two years and felt stagnant in that calling (secretary is a weird calling like that - lots to do, not a lot of spirituality). I was ready for something new!

Alas, I should have known something was up when it was the bishop himself who wanted to meet with me, rather than just one of his counselors. At first he asked me if I was willing to serve anywhere the Lord asked me to serve. Uh-oh. Then he said he wanted …

mathematics of soul coughing

Truman is working on counting by 5s and 10s. While he was working on his math book the other day, I remembered a Soul Coughing song, where they sing by 5s. I found the CD and we listened to it while he did his work. Later in the day, he was counting and singing by 5s.

David was a big Soul Coughing fan when we were engaged. They were never big in popular culture, but I could stand to listen to it, too. Which is kind of a big deal for me.