weekend trip (& happy birthday david)

We always wanted to go to an IU basketball game during the two and a half years we lived in Bloomington, but we never did. Having little babies I guess was our biggest excuse. So for David's birthday this year we decided to go to a game. Then we decided to make a weekend of it and go to Indianapolis as well (an hour north of Bloomington), visit some friends, see some sights, etc.

We drove up on Friday and went straight to the Children's Museum. This was our third visit. There is so much to do there that we've never actually done everything in one single visit. They also had special Christmastime-only exhibits, such as this ice-skating in your socks area:

The week before our visit, I started teaching the kids, Lucy mainly, about Ryan White, Ruby Bridges, and Anne Frank, because the museum has an area devoted to each of these children and their bravery and impact on the world. Lucy read a couple of books, and then watched The Ryan White Story on Netflix (there's that Netflix curriculum again!), and during the drive up to Indianapolis she watched a movie about Ruby Bridges. 

Ruby Bridges' classroom

Anne Frank exhibit

At the end of the three exhibits, there is a place where you can make a promise and then send it up into this big tree. There are pre-set promises like "I will stand up to bullies," or "I will raise money for a children's charity," or you can write your own. Then it goes up into the tree in a big gold leaf. It's hard to see in the picture, but it was really cool. 

This is the Yule Slide (which was a little disappointingly short) and the Christmas display on the first floor, just before we left.

Then we went to our schmancy hotel (really just a normal hotel but it's a suite so we had extra rooms, which is nice when five people are together constantly), got some dinner, went swimming, and went to sleep. Some of us more easily than others.

Truman begged to sleep in a bed with Penny, which at first was endearing. Then as the night went on and they kicked and fought bitterly, it seemed much less so.

On Saturday morning we went to have breakfast with the Von Hartens on the south side. They cooked us loads of yummies and the kids had a ball playing with their kids. We also met their new bunny, Oreo, who was super-soft but kind of offended Lucy by biting her on the knee.

When we left their house, we stopped at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which happened to be on the way back to our hotel. At first, the kids thought it was kind of boring.

But there were some fun parts.

(This was seconds before a security guard told us they couldn't climb on it.)

On Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with our friends Tom & Renee and their three kids. They live in Carmel, just north of Indianapolis, which is turned out is a charming area. David was pretty excited about the 'arts and design district' downtown. They have all these realistic statues on Main street - here is Lucy being accosted by the traffic cop.

We ate at a place called Bub's, which was jam packed and obviously a favorite. They have a gigantic hamburger called the Big Ugly, and if you finish one, you get your picture up on the wall. If you eat two, you get a bigger picture, and so on. While we were there, a man ate two of them. He said it took him about 45 minutes. He looked a little sick afterwards. They also gave the kids a little bag of Goldfish and fruit snacks while they waited for their orders, which was cool. 

After dinner we walked over to a frozen yogurt place and met up with Mike & Lisa. Mike and David grew up together in California, and he and his family are in Carmel for residency. Small world and all that. Along the way we also saw the missionaries so Tom bought them frozen yogurts as well. 

Then on Sunday we went to church with all of these people, plus a family we know from Bloomington was there as well. Standing there talking to these three sets of people we know from three different stages of our lives was like a weird dream, where you're in high school with your children and your boss and Cornelius from the Planet of the Apes.

After church, we drove down to Bloomington. We ate a late lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Great Wall, before we went to Assembly Hall to see an IU basketball game.

The game was fantastic. And at halftime they brought out the 1987 National Championship team members and played a highlights reel. The place erupted when they showed Bobby Knight on the big screen. The picture is from after the game, when I realized I should take one.

Monday was David's actual birthday. I got him donuts for breakfast and we sang to him. It was such a fun time and I'm glad we got to go, and most of all glad we get to have David in our family. He's the best husband and dad ever - sounds cliche, but he really is the BEST! 


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