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We recently wrapped up our first semester of CHOICE homeschool co-op here in Newburgh. It was a much different experience than our one other homeschool co-op was - both good and bad. The classes are all taught by actual teachers rather than parents, so they actually showed up which was nice. On the other hand, this meant less opportunity for parents to get to know each other than at the more low-key co-op we did two years ago. In any case, it was a good experience and the kids are all signed up for more classes for next semester.

Here is a video of Truman and Penny and the rest of the Boomwhackers class. They are playing the Boomwhackers to a song called "Whacky Ogre." Not exactly Christmasy, but it sounds way better than their attempt at 'Joy to the World.' Tru and Pen are on the far left of the stage.

Lucy took a class about Abraham Lincoln's life. She really learned a lot. Her teacher was fantastic and I made her sign up for another class with that same teache…

weekend trip (& happy birthday david)

We always wanted to go to an IU basketball game during the two and a half years we lived in Bloomington, but we never did. Having little babies I guess was our biggest excuse. So for David's birthday this year we decided to go to a game. Then we decided to make a weekend of it and go to Indianapolis as well (an hour north of Bloomington), visit some friends, see some sights, etc.

We drove up on Friday and went straight to the Children's Museum. This was our third visit. There is so much to do there that we've never actually done everything in one single visit. They also had special Christmastime-only exhibits, such as this ice-skating in your socks area:

The week before our visit, I started teaching the kids, Lucy mainly, about Ryan White, Ruby Bridges, and Anne Frank, because the museum has an area devoted to each of these children and their bravery and impact on the world. Lucy read a couple of books, and then watched The Ryan White Story on Netflix (there's that Netf…