having fun

What have we been up to lately? Just having gobs and gobs of fun.

On Halloween (actual day), David had to work. Apparently  no one told the Indiana higher education people that Wiccans deserve props too. So I took the kids out to my mom's to trick or treat her house and run around like maniacs for awhile. Here is how she greeted us on the porch. Is it any wonder I'm such a fun mom?

We've also got loads of leaves right now. It's kind of funny to see how our  neighbors deal with them. One guy rakes them into big piles, then drives his push mower up into the piles and mulches them into the grass. Another guy, retired, meticulously rakes every day (I've even caught him out there more than once a day), then puts on rake hands and scoops them up. We on the other hand take the laidback approach (would you expect anything else from us?).

Rake. Run. Jump. Giggle.

And here's one just for fun. A child happily cleaning. A beautiful sight. 


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