problem-solving skills

You thought this post would be about the children's skills, didn't you? But no, it's me. I got skills.

Here is the problem:
Our family toothbrush holder has been with us a long time. I remember buying it in 2004 when David had to go to a conference in Miami and in my insomnia and boredom, I redecorated and painted our bathroom. It's functional enough - fits five toothbrushes and all - but yucky nastiness collects in the bottom of the cup, and even with bleach + water cleanings every few days, the odor was starting to make me gag. 

What I wanted was one of those umbrella-ish toothbrush holders where the brushes just dangle in it and can totally air-dry. However, finding one that will fit 5 toothbrushes is nearly impossible (go ahead, try). 

So I had a thought - maybe a little storage system on the side of the sink wasn't the only way to store toothbrushes. 

Here is my solution:

I took an old hand towel and cut off one side of it. Originally I'd planned to use this side piece to make loops on the back, but later I decided to make holes for hanging. In any case, it didn't need to be as wide as it was.

I folded it almost in half, then sewed individual little sleeves for our toothbrushes and a wider one for the toothpaste, and hung it up by 3M hooks. My hope is that all the nasties will be absorbed by the towel, which I can just take down and throw into the hot water wash once a week with all of our other towels. The spacing isn't perfect and the towel is kind of ratty, but it was just a trial run. I will find a towel that matches our bathroom better and make a nicer one, but not until after Halloween, because I need to get cracking on some costumes now.


  1. NICE!!! I am totally scamming this idea and using it our bathroom! We don't even have a cup for the toothbrushes - they just seem to be on the counter (Lee and I keep ours in our cabinet). This is an awesome solution!!

  2. Hey that was pretty nifty! I should do one of those too! You could set those up as a little side business or something. Oh yeah.


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