inoculation & talent

Yesterday was flu shot day for our family. David went with me to take the kids to their pediatrician's office for their shots. I am happy he could go with us, because last year I did it on my own and Penny had a total emotional breakdown and hid in the corner from the nurse. This year, she was braver, but still freaked out in the moments just before the shot and I needed his help in holding her down. Truman and Lucy took it like champs. Then we headed over to Target, where he and I got our flu shots. Last year our insurance only paid a little bit of the cost and we were out about $18 each, but this year they paid the entire thing. They gave me a Target band-aid. That alone was worth the pain and waiting. By the way, it's really hard to take a picture of your own upper arm.

I promised the kids that if they were good (as in, didn't hide in the corner, but crying was allowed), I would take them to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and to play games. Yes, I do see the irony in using a germ-riddled play place as a reward for getting vaccinated.

Truman and Penny enjoying a ride together.

Then in the evening, Lucy was part of a talent show at church for girls ages 8-11. She brought two of her painting and one clay piece that she's done in the last couple of years. My dad came too. She did a great job, wasn't too nervous speaking on stage about her work, and everyone enjoyed loads of sugary treats afterwards (David made and sent his famous no-peanut-butter puppy chow aka 'chocolate wow,' which was a big hit.)


  1. Ahh. Holding kids down for vaccinations. Nothing better, right? I once had to leave the room so that a nurse could hold Kiley down - she was 8!!


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