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The kids are in a crazy number of activities. Or so it seems to me, their social calendar organizer and driver. Each child doesn't have a great number, but multiplied by three, it's bogging me down a bit. On Mondays for example, after we have a brief form of school lessons here at home, we go to co-op classes at a local mega-church (not put on by the church, just held in their grand and spacious building), and are there until 1:00 p.m. Then Penny has gymnastics at 4:00 p.m., and once a month Lucy has a meeting on Monday nights at 6 p.m. Tuesdays are preschool for the younger two (so I spent 20 minutes driving them there at 9:30, and 20 minutes picking them up at 12:00) - schooling Lucy in the middle of that. Then we're good until 4:00 p.m. when I pick up my nephew and he's with us until 8:00 or so. Wednesdays are our 'easy' day - nothing but swim lessons at 3:00, so we can catch up on on a lot of homeschool assignments (joy). Two Wednesdays a month, Lucy has a church activity from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Thursdays are like Tuesdays minus the nephew at night, but lately it's ended up that either David or I have church commitments that night. Fridays Truman has sports clinic at 10:00 and sometimes I have my nephew in the afternoon.

In a week with an abnormal number of 'extras' needing done - like visiting teaching (this is the last week of the month and all, you can't expect me to do it early!), or extra trips to the store, or a doctor visit or two, or whatever - I start to worry we're not covering nearly enough school-at-home. So yesterday, I took the girls with me to the Y for Truman's sport clinic (I had been leaving them here with David, but he's working and I realize they are not self-motivated to keep doing their work while I'm gone). Lucy worked on her handwriting (this one), and Penny worked on some preschool phonics homework her teacher sent her home with the day before. I was a little irritated that all the tables in the lobby areas were being used up by chatty old folks drinking coffee after their A.M. Aquacise has let out, but we found a little bench where we could work. The girls actually did a pretty good job on their work.


  1. We used to all it "car school!" That being said, I agree you have a CRAZY number of activities! But think what happy well rounded kids they are. Bench at the Y seems to working all right, too!

  2. And I totally forgot Girl Scouts, and that eventually we'll need to add piano (piano!) lessons into that mix as well.

  3. Been there, doing that! Spencer and I will be doing school in the car or library while the girls are at piano. ;)

  4. Kara- we recently acquired a piano - I need to talk to you about lessons. :)


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